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Winter 2008


Hi All and Welcome to our new members, this winters newsletter includes reports on:


·         From the Chairperson

·         SANZ Annual General Meeting

·         Ecklonia radiata Research

·         Seaweed Fisheries Plan Update


From the Chairperson

 Tena Koutou Katoa


 The SANZ executive has been steadily working toward the major aims of our organization: 1.To protect the marine coastal environment and 2. To build a long term sustainable seaweed industry for New Zealand.

At times progress seems painfully slow but we continue to hold the long view. We are pleased to report rising level of Maori interest in the work of SANZ due to a number of collaborative hui. We aim to approach other high value fishery organisations in 2009 to discuss issues surrounding seaweed and the QMS.

 As SANZ supports the development of a seaweed export industry we have developed an ethical industry/sustainable seaweed logo. The SANZ Sustainable Logo (SSL) and the protocols for permission to use it are in the final stages of executive approval. This will enable NZ companies manufacturing from NZ seaweed to apply to use the SSL. Export markets are demanding sustainable products and NZ must compete.

 However, whilst the moratorium is still in place (after some 20 years) the drive to engage in meaningful research on the effects of wild harvest of seaweeds becomes more urgent. Good data is needed to inform policy surrounding a long term sustainable management framework for seaweeds in NZ before an industry can develop. The five year research project Dr. Tim Haggitt will lead is progressing through a process involving MFish, local Hapu and Iwi. (see report over page).

 We hope to see as many of you as possible at the upcoming AGM. And details will be posted on SANZ website www.sanz.org.nz


Jill Bradley



Ecklonia radiata harvesting research


A research proposal investigating various aspects of harvesting the laminarian alga Ecklonia radiata in the Waihau Bay area (eastern Bay of Plenty), was presented to MFish in late 2007.  The basis of the research is to understand the effects of harvesting Ecklonia at potentially commercial levels with regard to recruitment and recovery of this species through time and subsequent effects on ancillary species associated with Ecklonia habitat (e.g., other algal species, sessile invertebrates). 









The research has three main components: 1) Determining an optimal harvest size to be used for a wider spatial and temporal study; 2) Undertaking a spatially and temporally detailed study to examine the effects of harvesting on Ecklonia radiata recovery and impacts to other communities; and, 3) Examining the effects of re-harvesting swathes of Ecklonia radiata at various stages of regeneration, following an initial harvest event. 


It is anticipated that the findings of the research will be used to develop a sustainable fisheries management plan for Ecklonia radiata and that the information gained will provide a research framework applicable to other macroalgal species.


The research will be undertaken by Coastal and Aquatic Ltd in tandem with P & S Seaweed Harvesters and Ocean Organics Ltd; all of these entities are affiliated with SANZ.  After positive consultation with Hapu last weekend (26-27 July), we are now awaiting Iwi endorsement.  Presently, the experimental design side of the project has been accepted by MFish and following Iwi support, we hope to initiate the project in spring 2008. 


The outcomes of the research will be presented and reviewed at MFish working group meetings and various updates concerning the status of the research project will be posted on the SANZ website.  For further information concerning the research project please contact either Tim Haggitt  or Jill Bradley

 Tim Haggitt

Fisheries Plan for Seaweed: UPDATE

The Ministry of Fisheries have released the first stage of the Fisheries Plan for Seaweeds in New Zealand. This first stage is primarily an information gathering exercise to document the current situation concerning Seaweeds. You can download the documents from the following link: http://fpcs.fish.govt.nz/FishPlanComplex.aspx?ID=26

The Ministry of Fisheries plan to start phase 2 – talking to Tangata whenua and Stakeholders in  2009.

 If you have a story/business concerning seaweed that you would like to share for the next newsletter then please contact the secretary Clare Lyon

Your contributions are welcomed. J



 Please review more information on  www.sanz.org.nz.  Your contributions are welcomed.